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Anhui Shilin Lighting Co., Ltd.

LED light bulbs, LED filament bulbs, glass LED tubes, LED downlights, CFL bulbs

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  • Phone: +86-551-64698958
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    Economic and Development Zone, Huoshan, Lu An, AnHui, China
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Company Profile
Shilin Lighting is an integrated manufacturer of light bulbs and indoor lamps that employ light sources spanning across multiple generations - from the most traditional incandescent and halogen lighting, and ever-popular fluorescent and compact fluorescent lighting, to the latest energy efficient LED lighting. Shilin Lighting was founded in 1987 and has 30 years of experience in virtually all facets of light bulb production throughout the technological evolution. The company grew from a small workshop to a major industry player with a core portfolio of proprietary lighting solutions.

Thanks to the exceptional engineering and manufacturing practices, Anhui Shilin Lighting Co., Ltd. has been prominently distinguished from its competition. With over 500,000 square meters of manufacturing space and a workforce of 2,200 employees, Shilin Lighting is able to manufacture annually 600 million units of incandescent bulbs, halogen bulbs, fluorescent tubes, CFL bulbs, LED bulbs, LED tubes and light fixtures. The global lighting market is undergoing a significant transition driven by rapid deployment of LED lighting. Shilin Lighting's primary focus has been to deliver cutting edge LED lighting solutions that offer energy savings without compromising performance, efficiency and reliability.

Shilin Lighting is poised for an accelerated growth in the coming years owing to its ongoing commitment to vertical integration that dramatically increases production potential and delivers economies of scale. In particular the glass LED tubes and LED filament bulbs produced by Shilin Lighting have an enduring competitive edge by consolidating expanding upstream capabilities. Shilin Lighting invested in an industrial furnace for glass production which enables the company to produce low cost glass parts for LED light bulbs and tubes.

The company's commitment to customer value, product quality and service excellence is fulfilled through aggressive research and development, production control and quality assurance. Shilin Lighting has achieved full product compliance including CCC, CE, CSA, and UL to meet strict energy codes and restrictions.
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